After a successful tour on the roads of Quebec with Cabane A Sang Road Cinema***, we decided to organize an event for Montreal. On May 17 & 18 2019 we screemed the first ever Cabane A Sang Film Festival here in Montreal.

Cabane A Sang (Blood Shed) is a Film Festival and Road Cinema based out of Montreal Canada that celebrates Horror, Scifi and Trash cinema. “Blood Shed” aims to bring back the feelgood vibes of grindhouse cinemas where you can catch an obscure flick, have a beer, laugh and have a good time.

If you are looking for somewhere to submit your film that never gets selected due to the fact that it showcases too much bodily fluids, look no further! Cabane A Sang is the fest for you! Whether your lead actor is your uncle Gilles or Kevin Bacon, send us your film because we UNDERSTAND that everything deserves a moment in the spotlight.

We prioritize high blood count projects and practical FX, so feel free to drop us a little memo when submitting your film.

What we want (and in no particular length)
-weird shit

***For those unfamiliar with the Road Cinema, it is a smaller version of the film festival that we take on the road. You can expect a maximum of horror and trash films. Maximizing the amount of bodily fluids shown on screen is our main objective, as is offering something different than what might normally be shown in the festival circuit or in local cinemas.